Immersion Rugby

What is Immersion Rugby?

Immersion Rugby is where you come to New Zealand and are immersed into the New Zealand lifestyle, where Rugby is almost a national religion. You will stay with a local rugby family, You will be expected to be a part of the family - they are not hotels.

You will join a local team in a local club and train with them, usually on Tuesday and Thursday Nights for 2 hours each night. You will have a membership of a local gymnasium with a personal rugby trainer and be assessed and set fitness goals. You will be set a dedicated NZRugbyResources training program for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Sunday is a free/recovery day. You will have a dedicated NZRugbyResources liaision person who will meet with you weekly to assess your training and to ensure your immersion experience is on track.

Come to New Zealand and experience rugby for a set period and enjoy the rugby. Knowing that you will be billeted with a NZ family and be part of great New Zealand Rugby Clubs.


You will:

  •  Stay with Kiwi Families
  •  Play with local Clubs
  •  Receive one on one training
  •  Receive membership of a rugby specific gym
  •  Use a Personal trainer
  •  Transport and cellphones can be arranged



  • We will assess your fitness on arrival and departure
  • Place you with a relevant club & team - matching your skills
  • meet weekly with you to assess your experience
  • Provide you with a letter of invitation to play amateur rugby in New Zealand

What you need to do

  • Send us a letter of recommendation from your current coach
  • Send us your Rugby CV
  • Send us your International IRB transfer papers
  • Gain a Visitors Visa - visit
  • email us at for more information or to send your details

How much will this cost?

As each individuals needs are different we will provide a detailed quote to you before you begin your Rugby Immersion Experience. We do suggest that you come to New Zealand for 90 days - usually between March and August.

Where will I be based?

We offer the NZRugbyResources Rugby Immersion Experience in two locations: Palmerston North,Manawatu and North Harbour, Auckland.

For more information on these areas please click on the links below:

North Harbour


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