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Ian Snook

Since Ian's initial appointment as one of the first Coaching Development Officers in New Zealand in 1986 he has enjoyed nearly 25 years of coaching rugby professionally in seven major rugby playing countries. This has enabled him to develop a uniquely in depth understanding of the game as the professional environment has evolved and equipped him with the diverse range of skills and experience to be able to assist you with your needs and those of your team and club


Club Development Services 
Ian can work with the appropriate people in your club on aspects of concern such as. 

  • building a coaching philosophy for the whole club
  • dealing with team/individual difficulties
  • Coaching players 
  • providing a stimulating environment for players
  • coaching the coaches.

 A Club Development Process

  • Discuss needs/issues with appropriate people within the club
  • Gather further opinions/information/data to help quantify the issues involved.
  • Facilitate the creation of an action plan identifying what will be done, who will do it, how it will be done, what it will cost, how long it will take.
  • Oversee the execution of the plan and ensure key stakeholders are informed of the progress made.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the plan, identify further areas of development and debrief club members.


Past Experience

CUS Genova, Italy

Identified problem: a lack of understanding about the concept of “Teamwork” and understanding of people outside the immediate club "family".
Discussed this issue with senior players and put together a series of ideas which would ensure players contributed towards making society a better place.
Senior players organised: Food collection for homeless people at Christmas / blood donation.

Brian O'Shea: Formerly NSW (Waratahs) Coach, ARU High Performance Director, currently IRB Coach Trainer

"I am confident that Ian has the leadership qualities that you require and also the management skills to delegate, coordinate and motivate staff, and to give consistent and full attention to all aspects of the job. He has a very well organised mind and an excellent work ethic . His documentation of organisation and outcomes is excellent and his presentations are succinct and well thought through."

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