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Doc leads our team of medical experts and can resource physiotherapists, sports surgical experts and practitioners. NZRR can be actively involved in your team/club or union or provide an advisory role to your current health providers. 

"Doc" John Mayhew


Doctor John Mayhew had been the All Blacks' official doctor since 1988. He had seen off five All Blacks coaches and treated more than 250 players - with such diverse medical conditions as the common cold to the now famous nephrotic syndrome (Jonah Lomu).

He has post-graduate qualifications in Sports Medicine and Occupational Medicine. He is also a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and has a Diploma in Obstetrics. His current Practice is divided between working as a Clinical Director for Sovereign Insurance looking after the Vodafone Warriors Rugby League side and also has a Private Practice in Sports and Occupational Medicine. He was the Medical Director and All Black Medical Doctor for fifteen years, from 1998-2004. He is currently on the medical advisory Panel for New Zealand Rugby League and is a Director of North Harbour Rugby Union. 

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